• Falling Hard

    by Booty Crusader

    In a world where many magical races live together, two people meet. Neither knew, at the time, that their meeting would change the course of history. ...

    Tragic, Fantasy

  • Falling Upright

    by AnniFlamma

    Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love.' Yet two angels are banished by the council of angels for being in love and now they ...

    Tragic, BL

  • Wish I Had More Time

    by Cup Of Yaoi

    Warning!!! (Boys love)(yaoi) When born into harsh reality, Shiro, battles a dark memory that leaves him traumatized, until someone comes to teach h...

    Tragic, BL

  • Gay Dinosaurs Doing It

    by Rogan Josh

    What's more awkward than gay sex? Dinosaur gay sex. By Josh and Joey Updates a lot, and then sometimes less.

    Tragic, Comedy

  • Ven & Pepê

    by Francis Ortolan

    In the woods, Pepe finds Ven, a mysterious and extremely poisonous plant girl that may never feel the human touch.

    Tragic, Romance

  • I'm sorry I love you

    by 연우

    It was a broken fairy tale, for the one that should have been happy is no longer here. And the ones that should have been there no longer remembered w...

    Tragic, BL

  • The Fairy Queen and Her Lover

    by Keroanne

    Set in the world of Gyoko Shoujo!, my main comic, this is a mini comic based upon a mythological goddess and her tragic love story. Read left to ...

    Tragic, GL

  • Usagi Galaxy

    by Apple Bee

    A story about a boy with two magical, male moms and the shenanigans they get up to day to day! [If you wanna support me, consider turning off ad bl...

    Tragic, Fantasy

  • Absolute Obedience

    by mgiannelli89

    He was an Omega groomed for greed. He was an Omega who’s place was lower than the dirt under the packs feet. He only wished to be obedient to them, to...

    Tragic, BL, Fantasy, Romance

  • Eternity Concepts

    by Xexilia O. Shadows

    *Please Note: This manga is considered yaoi. It will make you gay. Support X here: http://www.patreon.com/xexilia Julian Skyy is a Roman Cat...

    Tragic, Slice of life

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