• And Help Us to Rebuild the Sky

    by Beeku Comics

    Cracks in the universe are nothing compared to the strength of their love. There are cracks in the universe, and broken stars fill the night skies...

    True_love, BL, LGBTQ+, Science fiction

  • Hated Fates (BL)

    by madmaiden

    [Omegaverse] Azaki has only one goal: Stay Dormant. And to accomplish that goal, all he has to do is never meet his true mate. In a world where...

    True_love, BL

  • Like & Subscribe

    by Jay Bell

    Remember that hunky guy on YouTube who caught your eye? The one with the awesome pecs and killer smile? I bet you couldn't stop watching his videos. J...

    True_love, BL, LGBTQ+, Slice of life

  • Til Nothing Do Us Part

    by Charlie Holschuh

    Arianna is a ghost. River is the reincarnated soul of Arianna's, also deceased, wife. Arianna is determined to figure out the mystery behind her wife'...

    True_love, Romance

  • What It Feels To Date You

    by Hairbomb

    A Cheerful Idiot and a Cold Pessimist, best friends who grew up reading fairytales that later turned them into a pair of hopeless romantics. Desperate...

    True_love, Romance, Drama, Comedy

  • True Love (Innocent) ESPAÑOL

    by Koko

    Shino es un niño que quiere ser invisible para que nadie pueda distraerlo de sus objetivos. Tranquilo y nada social, tus días en la escuela son aislad...

    True_love, BL

  • Love Unrequited

    by Nephrym

    A story of love, longing, and loss based in real life experiences. A journey of self-discovery and reflection. Please join me as I share laughter and ...

    True_love, Romance

  • The Emperor In Reverse

    by CW

    Eli Todd is a young man who, through a demonic contract gone wrong, now can't die no matter what. After being shot and left for dead during WWII, Eli ...

    True_love, BL

  • Nearly There Nicely

    by veraca

    Will has been living the last several years as a servant to his father and new step-mom, and as a result of his father's amnesia, he has taken a large...

    True_love, BL, Fantasy

  • Dimidium

    by Angie Kat Neko

    It may seem cute and girly but the pretty colors hide a dark truth. Past lives, dimensions, lies, true love and your other half, parallel universes an...

    True_love, Mystery

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