• Golden Campaign

    by Crom

    Golden Campaign is about a young boy who aspires to be a tattoo master, and seeks this destiny in a dystopian world where semi-modern technology and m...

    WW1, Fantasy

  • Love From Beyond War

    by Mori the Moth

    Two best friends from two different sides are separated by the Great War. However, that doesn't mean they will break their bond apart... ____________...

    WW1, Romance, Action, Drama

  • The Song Collector

    by Theorah

    A historical fiction about being autistic during a time of great uncertainty. Set to the backdrop of World War 1, an unlikely friendship forms betwee...

    WW1, Drama

  • Letters Home

    by Soulless Smiles

    A World War where antiquated magic and new industrial technologies meet on the battlefield. About the laughs and deaths that come with war and comrade...

    WW1, Horror, Slice of life, Fantasy

  • Calixte or pure evil

    by abysspoptv

    ON HIATUS!! Calixte is just your normal nerd dude. but one day, he is teleported into his favourite video game! now he is the chosen one an must d...

    WW1, Romance, Drama, LGBTQ+

  • Mindfare

    by KJP42

    A 17 year-old boy enlists in the British army during the outbreak of The Great War, eager to prove himself as a man. Yet, he doesn't realise that the ...

    WW1, Non-fiction


    by Schwaben

    Someone once stated that I can no longer do ugly art or bad comics. After that a friend of mine challenged me to do a comic as bad as I could. So, to ...

    WW1, Comedy

  • The Shaken

    by Pineapple Syrup

    It's the 1910s, World War 1 is in full swing. Eugene Gale, upon hearing the news of his delinquent childhood friend, Velvet Loughborough, being conscr...

    WW1, Romance, Action, Drama

  • The Fragile Poppy

    by minamin

    A woman marked by tragedy, soon to marry. - credit for thumbnail: https://welcometohelck.tumblr.com/

    WW1, Drama

  • No mans land

    by Crowman

    The story of a few soldiers in ww1. Possibly just a short story may continue it

    WW1, Horror

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