• Kings of Fire

    by McKaren

    The world is going through an Ice Age and dragons are the natural rulers of their land. Their hability to take humanoid forms allows them to inhabit a...

    Wales, Fantasy

  • Nommie Zombies

    by Chibi Cat Creations

    Comic about six runaways surviving in Cardiff after the city's population becomes infected with a delicious virus... Kia Hughes 2013

    Wales, Action, Drama, Fantasy

  • Mythic Mayhem

    by DelythThomasArt

    Join the wise wizard Gwydion and the mischievous dragon Goch, as they recount fantastical tales of myths and monsters. Covering lesser known tales fro...

    Wales, Mystery, Slice of life, Fantasy

  • Hungry

    by Goldfish

    Have you ever wondered what HUNGARY is like? No? Too bad! From history to NOT politics, I will try to present Hungary in all of it's glory! By tha...

    Wales, Comedy

  • APH- The hardships of sharing a nation

    by Welsh Person

    Hetalia fan comic Being a nation is hard enough, but also having to share that country is a whole other story. This comic is just a fun projec...

    Wales, Comedy

  • Empty Empires

    by Nastgi_Roni

    Born a demon of a full-fledged dragon, Storm Alton Pheniham, explores his unrequited love with the members of his family. After his family's royalty w...

    Wales, Drama

  • Cold Reset

    by Dincorta

    Three city cops are dragged into an otherworldly quest when hundreds of portals open in the sky. Trapped on a flying alien city in an alternate univer...

    Wales, Science fiction

  • Cold Reset [Omnibus]

    by Dincorta

    A collected version of Cold Reset, compiling single pages into larger story chunks so you don't have to wait for those next pesky pages to load! Th...

    Wales, Science fiction