• Rising Shards

    by Chiral

    When she suddenly grows fangs alongside strange new powers, Zeta Faleur has to adjust to life at Rising Shards, a Cani boarding school. Zeta sinks her...

    action_comedy, GL, Fantasy, Slice of life

  • Star Savior Bunny

    by Kendell and Kay

    Ever feel like your job is draining your life away? That your bosses are evil? After meeting a rabbit from space, Alice finds out that it's all true! ...

    action_comedy, Fantasy

  • MashStache

    by EbenFrostey

    This is a comedy/ fighting comic with superhero elements. Expect zany humor with many twists and turns. Many people around here are blessed with abil...

    action_comedy, Action

  • Ordernateur

    by NIQ

    HOWDY-DOO! Welcome to the wonderful, verdant land of Vertwigge! Will one Nerd have what it takes to become the king of crime-fighters--the O...

    action_comedy, Comedy

  • Rosenasty

    by Mr.overlord

    Rose nasty is about a group of demon hunters protecting the world while making a cent dollar

    action_comedy, Action, Comedy, Fantasy

  • Hotel Motel

    by Lane Goza

    “Care Like a Hotel, Fair Like a Motel.” Two runaways in a surreal new land, Javier and Electra come across a false oasis in the form of the Hotel M...

    action_comedy, Action, Comedy, Science fiction


    by Cloud Comics

    Even the world's greatest hero has trouble getting in the morning. Francisco Moreno may possess a bevy of superhuman abilities but the one thing he la...

    action_comedy, Action, Slice of life, Comedy