• Narcotic (old)

    by Kau

    Story about a junkie and his studious friend CONTAINS MATURE THEMES/LANGUAGE & LGBT

    addiction, Drama

  • The Victorious

    by mithril

    James falls for a guy. Then another! He's torn between sweet Oliver and tragic Victor. He can't pick between them, but maybe he doesn't have to. Hi...

    addiction, BL, LGBTQ+, Romance

  • Addicted To You the series

    by Jevy

    What would happen if you found out that your high school crush went to the same college as you?. Eli a first year college student is in love with a se...

    addiction, BL

  • The Round Table Chronicles

    by TJ Schongar

    Updates M-F at 12 pm PST. - - - Thade Sloan is struggling to gain control of his own life. Just when he thinks he might be on the right track, every...

    addiction, BL

  • The Pretty Okay Adventures of Tatum

    by Tatum Begay

    Learn a few of my personal quirks as I battle through the work force post grad school life. Updated every Wednesday and Friday. I'm trying to adult. I...

    addiction, Slice of life

  • King

    by mithril

    Meet King, part-time gangster and full-time show-off. He's charming, rich, and irresistible so naturally, Tristan falls for him. But there's m...

    addiction, LGBTQ+, Romance, Drama


    by Maria Archer

    Read left to right >>> Chris Winterlake, a young musician, gets the change to join his absolute favorite band. Of course he takes this opportunit...

    addiction, BL

  • Roadies

    by Clare Cassidy

    Gabe Black never would've thought that being a roadie for a major band could turn out the way it did, but that's the best part. They didn't exactly...

    addiction, BL

  • Katrina The Underachiever

    by Azam Raharjo

    Katrina is trying to get herself together. This comic is intended for mature readers. Some episodes may contain NSFW materials. Updates per ep...

    addiction, Drama

  • The Silver Smog (Rings:One)

    by Bambi 斑比

    No one knows where the spores came from, only that they devastated the population. Now living in clustered metropolises, the inhabitants of Earth s...

    addiction, BL, LGBTQ+, Science fiction

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