• Phantasi -discontinued-

    by MDArtCabin

    story has been discontinued. to find out why, go to the youtube channel "MDazzle" and look for a video that is just titled "Phantasi" TW: mental il...

    affection, Fantasy

  • Ven & Pepê

    by Francis Ortolan

    In the woods, Pepe finds Ven, a mysterious and extremely poisonous plant girl that may never feel the human touch.

    affection, Romance

  • Costly Touch

    by Eliza Solares

    After the usual public displays of affection are outlawed, Alexei and Maria are careful to show their love only through the three approved methods. Wh...

    affection, Romance, Mystery, Drama

  • Rain and Alchemy

    by Linda R.

    A mini comic about two fairy guys trying to magic away a rainstorm and accidentally making something very different in the process. An early story fro...

    affection, Drama, Fantasy

  • H.O.P.E.

    by falls

    It is a slice of life comic about seven teens finding themselfs up on a great story. were you will be following lane, amanda, elize, oliver, medley, ...

    affection, Slice of life

  • Hand in hand

    by WildSheep

    Stories inspired by our own life. I am a short woman, who can love very uniquely. My boyfriend is an introvert and a huge geek with big ears, but he i...

    affection, Slice of life, Comedy