• 51Hundred

    by runmonsterun

    51Hundred Tells the story of Sugar, who under mysterious circumstances, finds himself thrust into the afterlife…well, life before the afterlife. Un...

    afterlife, Action

  • Vagabond

    by Honey Beam

    Rosaline McLoughlin is dead. Or, at least, she wishes it was that simple. When a reaper comes to guide her to the afterlife, the door won’t let her...

    afterlife, Drama

  • Soul Food

    by CiciEnixa

    Welcome to Soul Food, the best restaurant in the Afterlife! Sometimes souls enter the Afterlife unable to remember their lifetime. So we at Soul F...

    afterlife, Drama, Comedy, Fantasy

  • Comicide (DISCONTINUED)

    by Mortooncian


    afterlife, Fantasy

  • Death & the Maiden

    by J. van Santen

    A deadly unserious comic about a dead girl's everyday life after death. By the way: We're falling behind here on Tapas. For fresh episodes check out @...

    afterlife, Comedy

  • Soul Ascendance

    by Bezel Leblanc

    Soul Ascendance is a story about the afterlife, where the lost souls that reside in Purgatory must hunt demons and take on other various tasks in orde...

    afterlife, Horror, Action, Fantasy

  • Betwixt

    by Honor Miles

    A comic about friendship and acceptance, full of zesty frog people, stubborn children, and compulsory dance parties. UPDATES WEDNESDAYS!

    afterlife, Fantasy

  • God's assistant/Kami's assistant

    by DrizDew

    >>I led a happy life. With great friends. And a wonderful family. I had a nice time indeed. But. That is... Until I died.<< Umeko's life came to a...

    afterlife, GL, Comedy, Fantasy

  • Fate Equals Not Destiny

    by Dawnie-chan

    * READS RIGHT TO LEFT* Feeling better today Minako decided to walk to school instead of taking the family car, little did she know it would be her ...

    afterlife, Romance

  • BLUE

    by Shellzki

    BLUE is an eclectic non-sequential web-comic with a naivety that hides a dark, adult core, dealing with mental health issues, death, forgiveness, drug...

    afterlife, Romance

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