• Steven Alternate Universe the Comic

    by Kahn Andrews

    After two brief years of peace and happiness, Steven and the Crystal Gems' lives come to a halt when a heartbroken gem enters the scene. In this, Stev...

    alternate, Drama

  • A suicide letter by an immortal man

    by Eteneme

    I know it sounds even stupider if you read this in front of my goddamned corpse, but please don't let that tiny detail fool you because I am about to ...

    alternate, Slice of life

  • Proxy World Comic

    by Dichrome

    When the Goddess had a prophetic dream that the time on Earth would be wound back exactly a year, she created a ‘proxy world’ to be rewound in its ste...

    alternate, Fantasy

  • Stranger's Shell

    by Yuki Geriawan

    The world is in chaos. The peace has been forgotten. Anzu, who had apparently lost his entire memory about his previous life but his memory of being h...

    alternate, Action

  • Alter-Becka

    by Ishified

    My first slice of doing web comics. As much as possible I would try to update weekly, so tune in and enjoy. Art style might change overtime... Exp...

    alternate, Fantasy

  • Circus Earth

    by Katiefrog217

    Demons: The residents of hell and the minions of the mighty Lucifer. Once terrifying enigmas that ruled the people of old's waking nightmares and supe...

    alternate, Comedy

  • Verdunnit: The Revolution

    by HitoriEdo

    The ambitious and unquenchable curiosity of man, accompanied by the infinite possibilities of science, gives birth to a creature that is leagues above...

    alternate, Action, Drama, Mystery

  • LevelUp

    by Izayasfun

    A tale as old as time, a hero and a villain must engage in battle for the ultimate prize. What happens though to the game, if the hero is more like a ...

    alternate, BL

  • purpose

    by cra3ture

    Purpose - Illya and Baztian had no one before they had each other. This is a story about a lies and truths and about how you should choose your own pa...

    alternate, Action, Mystery, Fantasy

  • Trillium: Tales From New Edo

    by Lissaring

    Three underground musicians find themselves getting dragged into things they never expected in the city of New Edo. Set in the future of an alternate...

    alternate, Fantasy

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