by Roxiee

    Take your tulpa for a walk. And do not forget to talk to it via text messages in public. But how to get it to behave? A gloomy tale about imaginary f...

    alternative, Fantasy

  • Blue Life

    by Jens Richard

    Blue is an odd stick figure trying to fit in his own world. Blue Life is a unique and cute fourth wall braking webcomic that never takes itself too s...

    alternative, Slice of life, Comedy

  • Dani Short Comics

    by Dani

    Some short stories about random subjects that I felt like making tiny (and sometimes not so tiny) comics about.

    alternative, Slice of life

  • Abismos

    by Franz Vanderlinde

    A brilliant girl is planning a day of inventions and gadgets when an imaginative boy crashes through her balcony. Amin is on a quest to find his paren...

    alternative, Action, Fantasy

  • To Be Loved

    by Citrine

    Enter the lives of Spencer, Remy, and Jackson. Spencer, struggling to come to terms with who he really is at the core before its to late. Remy...

    alternative, BL, Romance, Drama

  • Sybil

    by Fox Tears

    After dying, and being revived, Anais Waterhouse has discovered that something else is occupying her space, a lost soul named Alice. Alice unfortunate...

    alternative, Slice of life

  • Grey Matter

    by GreyHallowes

    5 years after the tragic loss of the ACRV Orion in a sector of uncharted space an independent investigation is launched into the accident after a fail...

    alternative, Drama

  • make me

    by artistic queer

    planchette in need of a phone walks into a bar to borrow a phone there little did she know who she would meet inside... henlo, this is my graph...

    alternative, Romance

  • Emperor's Delight (Short Story)

    by Elijah林

    An Emperor's Taste for great Power. A short creative story about the emperor Wolf who asks his loyal subjects to find the source of his desire: Power...

    alternative, Mystery

  • Excellence Of Freedom

    by Studio Vayu

    Franz has lost his memory and is held captive somewhere in the basement and being tortured by military. The only thing that he can recall now is the p...

    alternative, Romance

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