• Arcana Academy

    by BillSpooks

    AKA Amber`s Awesome Adventures At Arcana Academy Follow Amber on her glorious quest to try and pass her first semester at Mage School ( and maybe s...

    amber, Fantasy

  • Skull Kitten

    by GalileoCat

    The Adventures of a cat named Skull! (This will be continued once Samurai Smokey ends! Chapter 1 will be deleted and updated once that day comes!) ...

    amber, Action

  • The Gem Force

    by Catcow

    Amber is just a normal gem in Desert City when suddenly another gem like her, crash lands in the desert by mistake. How will this play out for the peo...

    amber, Fantasy

  • All Over The Place 2015

    by WhiskerMidi

    The short misadventures of an otter who just kinda goofs around a lot. Unlike the others, this one is a more lighthearted slice of life.

    amber, Slice of life

  • Amber Eve Anomaly

    by Xouren

    In a world where magic is the normality, what can be considerd abnormal? When rules and rituals, science and engineering all govern how would that wor...

    amber, Action, Mystery, Fantasy

  • "Classic" All Over the Place

    by WhiskerMidi

    The first versions of All Over the Place, from 2013-2014. They're not great but they have their moments.

    amber, Comedy

  • The King made of Ice

    by ExoP4nda

    Himeldaer is the only ice king in existence and because of that, he cannot touch anyone nor can he be touched. Years he spent as a young king with no...

    amber, Fantasy