• Step Aside

    by Orange Savannah

    When a mysterious being gets trapped inside an ancient temple, it has to make a deal with a young local woman to get back out again. The woman and the...

    ancient, Action, Mystery, Fantasy

  • My husband is no longer a villain

    by Minh Sugar

    Mina, a novelist suddenly transported into the novel she wrote and became the heroine's twin sister. Mina substituted for the heroine to marry the vil...

    ancient, Romance, Mystery, Fantasy

  • Codex Black

    by Shi-Gu

    An unknown darkness looms over the Cemanahuac and only the fateful encounter of Donaji & Itzcacalotl may light a fire of hope. An original adventure...

    ancient, Action, Comedy, Fantasy

  • HELM

    by Crookshaw Creative

    It is an age of STEAMWORKS & SORCERY, MAGICK & MACHINERY, RANCOR & REVOLUTION. *** Join the mysterious witch LUNA LUMERE as she seeks out the l...

    ancient, Fantasy

  • Ancient Soul

    by Siru Boom

    Two reborn, fighting together to protect the innocent from the war.

    ancient, Action

  • Saved

    by KaedeT

    Aquilam and Ignis, two clans fighting each other for more than a thousand years. This was a world where everyone had a pair of wings. We were all hybr...

    ancient, BL, Fantasy, Drama

  • Shadow Slayer

    by Yuzki

    The daughter of a fugitive raised by an assassin in the world of martial arts. A prince raised in the cruelty of the court. A tale of love, woes and b...

    ancient, Romance, Action, Drama

  • Dreamland

    by Ana Baturone

    Alma is a shy girl who gets bored of the routine. One night, while sleeping, somehting happens to her and gets trapped in a strange place...

    ancient, Fantasy

  • Looking for Oasis

    by TAMAnnoying

    Rated PG13 due to strong language and adult themes. Reader discretion advised, themes include death and depression as well as discrimination. After...

    ancient, Drama, Fantasy

  • Love Knot

    by munminhsugar

    A girl travels to the magical world. But she suffers from a curse: "Don't love anyone, and don't let anyone love you!"

    ancient, Romance

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