• Divine Damnation


    She’s May, the oracle of light. He’s Zer, the 37th devil king of the underworld. They’re the most unlikely couple in or out of heaven. May? She needs ...

    angels, Romance, Comedy, Fantasy

  • Memory-Born

    by Neutral Omens


    angels, Fantasy

  • The Thief's Heir

    by PiruuMi (Mimi)

    !!Rated for Mature Readers!! Updates Every Monday! Twelve years ago, Aeon discovered he was adopted on the night his life toppled down into a spi...

    angels, Action, Drama, Fantasy

  • [un]Divine

    by Ayme Sotuyo

    A high school student halfway through senior year decides the best solution to his problems is giving up his soul for a demon that will do anything he...

    angels, Romance, Horror, Fantasy

  • Undefiled Wings

    by SpigaRose

    LGBT+ Zaffiro is an angel destined to fall, but for now he is focused on doing his every day job with his two transgender coworkers and trying to put...

    angels, BL, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • Coffee Shop

    by Karla Diaz

    Lucy starts working on a very special Coffee Shop, her first client is going to be a bit complicated as he needs to be treated from fear of women! Wil...

    angels, Romance

  • Shiloh

    by [RED] & ☆flynn

    Noir | Supernatural | Thriller When God heard of their sins, he was filled with wrath. He abandoned that place — the tent which he had pitched amon...

    angels, Horror

  • Hell Hounds

    by SleepingPoppy

    Payne and Phury have little interest in the machinations of Heaven and Hell. They’re just hell hounds doing their job, collecting damned souls, and ru...

    angels, Romance, BL, Fantasy

  • Dear Azzy, Dear Michael

    by Jennie Rix

    The Angel of Death and a dude called Michael have a mutual crush on each other. Denizens of Heaven and Hell alike disapprove. Comedy and angst ensue.

    angels, Fantasy

  • Devilish Cupcakes

    by PenniWrites

    Piper worked hard to finish culinary school and dreams of owning her own pastry shop. But she has a problem. She’s a disaster in the kitchen and no on...

    angels, Fantasy, Comedy, Romance

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