• Do as You're Told

    by artblock2

    (Romance/Drama/Slowburn) (LGBT+) After Jin, the intelligent school delinquent comes to the rescue of two stray cats, he catches the attention and fr...

    anime, Romance, BL, Drama

  • DemON

    by kio-kio

    Handsome, popular with girls, always getting the best marks, pretty rich — there's nothing more for a guy like Demontaniel to wish. His life is flawle...

    anime, BL

  • The Crawling City

    by Merryweather

    [indefinite hiatus] Aria Wintermint lives in a city with her roommate Gug, who just so happens to be a tentacle monster. Art by Parororo Story by...

    anime, Horror

  • Chibi Reiko

    by mmidori31

    Mostly just a random 4-panel comics of relatable things in life. Chibi Reiko portrays fangirl things, awkward moments, artist's frustrations, daily st...

    anime, Comedy

  • We Live In An MMO?!

    by RandoWis

    The world of 'Mamuon', where players and NPC's live together in harmony. Or do they? DO THEY? If you wanna find out, then read the damn comic!

    anime, Comedy

  • Crawling Dreams

    by Merryweather

    Nyarla and Ghast are living in a trendy city by the sea, that seems to be hiding some disturbing secrets. Art by OSIIMI https://twitter.com/osiimi...

    anime, Horror

  • Furi2Play

    by PeaCh

    F2P! is a slice of life ,lewd ,comedy series that features a group of foreigners in Japan and their relationship with each other. Updates once a week...

    anime, Comedy

  • Our Red December

    by Mason Ash

    Mario Rossi and Kenny Valentine are transfer students, both awkwardly joining a public school just a few short weeks before winter-break. Kenny fits r...

    anime, LGBTQ+

  • 1HP Club

    by elfboi

    Daily life of dungeon boys.

    anime, Slice of life

  • I'd rather date my laptop

    by FTBComics

    "...I've been trying to speak to her all day, Claire Garrett...." Patrick and Claire are very different people, at least as far as Pat can tell...h...

    anime, Romance

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