by zerofruits

    Hongmin is shy, quiet and not good with people. Takeru on the other hand is the center of every party, confident and outgoing. What happens, when y...

    anxiety, Romance, Drama, LGBTQ+

  • Beanie's Comics

    by Beanie

    Slice of life comics about dogs, childhood stories, social anxiety, relationships and more! My name is Beanie and this is a comic about my life.

    anxiety, Slice of life, Comedy

  • Hom[m]E

    by Voize

    [slight BL content] Trigger-Warnings: depression/anxiety/PTSD Issues homelesss, hopeless and only sweet 20 years old. That's Akito, having a real t...

    anxiety, Romance, BL, Drama

  • Always There

    by AlwaysThere

    As unconditional friendships go, the limits of Nathan and Eli's bromance sometimes are not as clear as they should be. They both endured a lot thr...

    anxiety, LGBTQ+

  • Panic Mode

    by Ryan Rovida

    Updates at least once a week! Panic Mode is your average comic about normal things happening to a girl named Stormy and her friends.

    anxiety, Comedy

  • How to be a Werewolf

    by shawnlenore

    Since being bitten by a strange wolf as a child, Malaya Walters has attempted to live a quiet life, free of attempting to eat her family or the custom...

    anxiety, Fantasy

  • Social Anxiety BF

    by Shinji

    A boy afraid of social interactions unintentionally finds the best friend he had before his fear took over his life. Will his anxiety be the reason th...

    anxiety, LGBTQ+

  • Levesque

    by Levesque Team

    Zen is a girl who just began to realize that she is a levesque, a person who grew deer-like horns, how can she learn to live normally if these things ...

    anxiety, Fantasy

  • Jar of Ghosts

    by Angela Oddling

    A jar full of stories.

    anxiety, Slice of life

  • Constantine Returns

    by Panna N.

    https://facebook.com/pannanARTS Life is a rollercoaster and I'm not sure if I'm high enough to ride it.

    anxiety, Slice of life

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