by LEIKOI

    Due in part to the long since ended 3rd world war, the air has become a health hazard. Most of the population exposed to the raw environment has been ...

    apocalyptic, Romance, BL, Science fiction

  • Pepto Abysmal

    by Periwinkei

    One's a flirty ass-kicking softball captain, the other's a nervous vegan pacifist, they're both trapped in a pink zombie apocalypse together. What wil...

    apocalyptic, Comedy

  • Arna (GL)

    by Atkar

    Arna is the result of dozens of scientific and magical experiments in humanity's last ditch attempt for survival - but the end came anyway and the wor...

    apocalyptic, GL, Fantasy

  • Liar's Dice

    by [RED] & ☆flynn

    DISCLAIMER: This is a dead comic. It is up for posterity. Shiloh is our ongoing comic and the complete reboot of this one. It's not necessary (and pro...

    apocalyptic, Mystery

  • The Travelers

    by Witch Planet

    A story taking place 20 year after a virus (called Cotton Leaf) ends the world, a gated off community called Trous is still struggling to survive, les...

    apocalyptic, BL

  • OmeN

    by Wiiolis

    After gods destroyed this world, they left gems from their bodies that gave those who survived huge powers. After many years, the survivors split into...

    apocalyptic, Romance, BL, Fantasy

  • Grey

    by MentalGlitch

    Updates: Mondays CET 20:00 A post-apocalyptic BL/ACE/romance/drama/fight comic! In a world where the earth is dying, the weather is unpredictable ...

    apocalyptic, Action

  • Last Cry

    by GetAwayFromMe118

    After being taken in by her adoptive parents, Yuzuki Aya was finally given a reason to live. Tormented by her memories filled with violence and regre...

    apocalyptic, Horror, Drama

  • The Red Day

    by Karubario

    The Red Day is a fantasy story, going on in a not so distant future when, after a devastating event that became known as the Red Day, things started t...

    apocalyptic, Action

  • Romantically Apocalyptic

    by Vitaly Alexiuss

    Romantically Apocalyptic is a post-apocalyptic, dark comedy series. WHOOPS. I DROPPED THE UNIVERSE. IT WAS AN ACCIDENT, I SWEAR. IT'S STILL GOO...

    apocalyptic, Science fiction

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