• Just say "MAMMA MIA"

    by FoxyLamento

    Germano is the new student of the International Academy of St. Louis ..... Too bad that everything seems more difficult than usual. Starting from his...

    army, Romance, BL, Slice of life

  • Division Zero

    by mir4ge

    [Villain <3 Protagonist] [drama] [animation][psychological] [duality of beliefs] Elih is a pacifist boy who was obliged to enroll in the army. Wher...

    army, BL

  • HELM

    by Crookshaw Creative

    It is an age of STEAMWORKS & SORCERY, MAGICK & MACHINERY, RANCOR & REVOLUTION. *** Join the mysterious witch LUNA LUMERE as she seeks out the l...

    army, Fantasy

  • 2Masters

    by Mayshing

    An endless war between two eternal polarizing masters, a human can be an angel or a demon, all it takes is a change of heart. ----- Summary: Fol...

    army, Action, Drama, Fantasy

  • The Quackup Adventures!

    by Raymond Mullikin

    Jonathin Quackup must protect Weralt from villains, terrorists, and all the creepy things of the night! You can get the video game of Quackup here:...

    army, Action

  • Powernote

    by vworks

    At the end of her rope, Aria finds herself enlisted into The Powernote Armed Forces, an organization that defends humanity from inter-dimensional th...

    army, Action, Comedy, Fantasy

  • Dragon Lords

    by Mauro

    A milenary seal is broken and the demon's souls has reborn and returned to their youngest bodies. Now the earth is in danger, an army of the darkness ...

    army, Action, Comedy, Fantasy

  • Crazy Shorts

    by Mayshing

    Stranger than fiction? Crazier than real life? Life is crazy whether yours or your characters' so why not make comics about both? Hand your OCs some l...

    army, Drama, Slice of life, Comedy

  • Day 165

    by ChampionCity

    Day 165 is a series that examines bizarre events that occur on a soldier's 165th day of combat. Day 165 is a blend of Fightin' Army comics and The Twi...

    army, Science fiction

  • Love At Point Blank

    by RomanceSyndrome

    Special operations soldier Lenore Lukstein falls in love with a legend called Sigma. It takes a world war, a cold war and then a personal war to un...

    army, Romance

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