• The Round Table Chronicles

    by TJ Schongar

    Updates M-F at 12 pm PST. - - - Thade Sloan is struggling to gain control of his own life. Just when he thinks he might be on the right track, every...

    arthurian, BL

  • Enchanted Tails

    by suzysart

    A witch’s cat named Dice wakes up after a nap wearing a magical cape bewitched to take the wearer where they are needed most! After finding Knight's l...

    arthurian, Fantasy

  • Gawain and the Green Knight

    by mintycanoodles

    An abbreviated telling of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.

    arthurian, Fantasy

  • Round Table: Art Extras

    by TJ Schongar

    Official artwork for The Round Table Chronicles

    arthurian, BL

  • Queens of Camelot

    by Seano

    Follow Guinevere, princess of Leodegrance, as she joins with young Arthur, before he's the famous king of Camelot. Together, they must overthrow an u...

    arthurian, Fantasy

  • The Demon Wolf

    by MicahDarkFantasy

    AN ERA OF DEATH AND FIRE A great darkness is coming, and in the frozen wastes to the north, sinister and supernatural forces are massing beyond the...

    arthurian, Fantasy, Action, Horror

  • Symphorians

    by Symphorians

    Welcome Fellow Travelers to Symphorians, an ongoing series about the adventures of Dr. Arthur Holmes, a Professor of Biochemistry at Buffalo Coast Uni...

    arthurian, Science fiction

  • The Knight Who Sinned

    by Mary Lam

    Sir Galahad, the most perfect of knights, destined to achieve the Holy Grail, fails at the task. Why? The Archangel Gabriel himself will tell us the...

    arthurian, Drama

  • Mawd

    by EliMoon

    Many stories begin with 'once upon a time' and end with 'they lived happily ever after.' Fairy Tales they call them, but fairies don't have tales like...

    arthurian, Fantasy

  • Uther and Merlin

    by Kouvei

    Every legend starts somewhere. Merlin was alone in the world until he met the usurped Prince Uther, who took him under his wing. This is the story of...

    arthurian, Fantasy

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