• ChronoBlade

    by nWayGames

    ChronoBlade Graphic Novel

    asgard, Science fiction

  • postragnarok

    by Lerno

    ...Helheim Correction Facility wasn't so bad after all. Baldr Odinson was imprisoned by mistake, soon he got along with Hel, head of the prison. He ...

    asgard, Action

  • Home For Lost Memories

    by Cypreus (VS.Comics)

    Miss Nancy runs a foster home for superhuman kids - mostly mutants and lost Asgardians. Problem is, none of the kids are real. You see, Miss Nancy ...

    asgard, Science fiction

  • Fight & Forage

    by Nazdic

    Welcome to Asgard, or what is left of it anyways... Ragnarok has come and gone, decimating the Gods and leaving the land filled with Dangerous beasts....

    asgard, Fantasy

  • Renacer (ESP)

    by CC Peach

    Cecilia tiene sueños que no tienen correlación con su vida diaria. Sueña con reinos en lugares fantásticos, con personas que nunca ha conocido y en un...

    asgard, Romance


    by DIKO03

    The story begins when Banner decides to go to another country to complete his studies. On their way, the plane collides with a foreign body, and the p...

    asgard, Action, Drama, Science fiction

  • Nordische Götter

    by Foxxydraws

    Dies sind die Geschichten der höchsten Götter Odin, Thor und Loki sowie anderer Götter und Göttinnen aus Asgard. Geschichten aus der Edda und auch mei...

    asgard, Comedy, Fantasy