• Shanties

    by Captain Moony

    A tale of two captains and their quest to kill each other. Kamari, a siren pirate, is shipwrecked on a remote island. She'll need the help of new all...

    asher, Fantasy

  • Repo Cats

    by Asher Freeman

    Tony and Dart are freelance repossession agents, earning a living through legitimate and totally legal business practices.

    asher, Comedy

  • Asher

    by Cassandra OOC

    Asher wants desperately to be a hero. Which is easy enough! All he has to do is restore the sun and the world will be saved! Sure it means entering a ...

    asher, Romance, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • The Monsters Under my Bed

    by AACosplay

    James is six, but he's fearless. Living in Germany during WWII, James' mother always tells him there are monsters under his bed. One night, he checks,...

    asher, Drama

  • The Alkhemist's Stone: Primus

    by K Jefferies

    Asher always dreamt of having a lucid stone; powerful rocks that can create fire and stop time. Unfortunately lucid stones are outlawed where he's fro...

    asher, Action, Drama, Fantasy