• Among Us

    by jo e

    This comic if for MATURE audiences. The following contains: - Profanity - Gore/blood - Sexual themes - Cannibalism - Violence There are are 3...

    astronaut, Horror, BL, Science fiction

  • Resonance

    by River Kai

    Astronauts Theo and Hayato propelled each other's careers, but their secret, romantic feelings were sidelined - a necessary sacrifice for takeoff. Spa...

    astronaut, Romance, LGBTQ+, Science fiction

  • Hello.

    by zeroharps

    Lost in space, separated from his crew, and no one to talk to but an A.I - Captain Jonah finds himself lost in space after his ship mysteriously exp...

    astronaut, Science fiction


    by Igor Machado

    Have fun exploring a world full of love, science and emotional metaphors with eggs. read also at www.hypersquare.com.br series Presented by The ...

    astronaut, Slice of life

  • Rigel

    by wyrd

    For many centuries they've lived amidst the stars unknown to us. Peaceful beings; protectorates of the stars. They were supposed to forever remain unk...

    astronaut, Science fiction

  • Silent Space

    by peyi

    Silent Space is a fiction comic series about space adventure, explorer, monster, ghost, crime, mystery, etc, told in silent with no dialog yet we can ...

    astronaut, Action

  • SPACE REPORTS ...from Outer Space

    by Wonko

    This is the epic story of NASA-Astronaut Edwin B. Goddard through the endless vastness of space without any contact to planet earth (totally his fau...

    astronaut, Comedy

  • Rocketman

    by Rui Silva

    A solitary astronaut suffering from a bad case of homesickness wants nothing more than to return back to Earth. But until that day comes, he must s...

    astronaut, Science fiction

  • Astronaut C.A.T. part 2

    by taioni

    The second part of Astronaut CAT ----- A segunda parte de Astronaut CAT

    astronaut, Science fiction

  • Personal Space

    by Solitary Hyena

    An alien with amnesia falls in love with a mysterious astronaut.

    astronaut, Romance

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