• Saying Too Much

    by ochairo

    As a full time college student juggling two jobs and a personality disorder, Emily is usually great at keeping people at an arms length... with a few ...

    autistic, Slice of life

  • Bard Romance

    by mxJinn

    Eliza Jenkins is a beautiful half-elf bard and a gay life disaster. Sometimes she thinks it’s far easier taking on a dragon than it is dealing with th...

    autistic, Fantasy, LGBTQ+, Romance

  • Angry Gays

    by Mothcry

    Faculty and students at a college specialized in training people with superhuman abilities. -LGBT+ Art / Comic : Cassius Story: Cassius + Carlos...

    autistic, Drama

  • Forget Me Not

    by glibli

    Eli, trapped beneath past wrongs and his own powers, struggles to adapt within an uncompromisingly tumultuous world not suited for him. Finn, fresh fr...

    autistic, Fantasy

  • Summer's Light

    by emirrart

    Hikaru Nakayama has been struggling at school lately (in both the mental and academic aspect,) and is forced to take (and pass) a language in order to...

    autistic, BL

  • Legion

    by trapnaster

    Grisly and supernatural murders have been popping up all over town, and local bartender Kit is in the thick of it. With their slice of the city runnin...

    autistic, Horror, Drama, LGBTQ+

  • Cypopps

    by Cy Popps

    The silly and sometimes serious comic about the adventures of me and my cyclops!

    autistic, Slice of life, Comedy

  • Spectrum Sketches!

    by joseyrosey

    hi! i'm J. i'm right in the middle of getting an autism diagnosis. this is my story, including therapy, school life, and friendship!

    autistic, Slice of life

  • Last Res0rt

    by Rachel Keslensky

    [Daily Updates Until We Catch Up!] MEET JIGSAW FORTE -- a professional violinist, and the last person who should be involved in Last Res0rt, the galax...

    autistic, Science fiction

  • Calixte or pure evil

    by abysspoptv

    ON HIATUS!! Calixte is just your normal nerd dude. but one day, he is teleported into his favourite video game! now he is the chosen one an must d...

    autistic, Romance, Drama, LGBTQ+

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