• The Bakery

    by Tioka

    In this original story, a man named Owen Cooper must save his bakery from failing. In order to do that he creates a magical cookie which might help hi...

    bakery, Fantasy

  • The Bakery's Cat

    by AngelZamaki

    Tabby has a secret only few people know about, but a chance encounter while she is sick leaves her open for blackmail. What will tabby do when helpin...


  • Sugar

    by ryansfan

    A troubled romance with a captivating sweet taste.. Avaleen wants to open her own bakery shop after she graduates.. but her parents want her to get ma...

    bakery, Romance, Slice of life

  • From Conundrums to Kisses

    by Fondness_Fantasies

    Teagan's beloved family bakery is struggling, and her fear of taking risks has them losing more customers by the day. Enter Colton, a guy who is st...

    bakery, Comedy, Romance, Slice of life

  • Prince of Food

    by Uylisis

    Jackson Young and Kun Jung-Hee live completely polar opposite lives. Jackson Young lives an almost perfect life. Anything he wants is well within ...

    bakery, BL, Comedy, Romance

  • Manhattan Heroes

    by Heather

    Sonya Stout's father opens up a bakery and a mysterious green jewel necklace appears under the ground nearby and makes her family receive bad luck. As...

    bakery, Fantasy, Action, Mystery

  • Falling In Love With You

    by Tyty

    Ezra Campbell is a diligent son who would go above and beyond for his mother, the woman who raised him all by herself. When his mother's hospital bill...

    bakery, BL, Fantasy, Romance

  • A Work of Twisted Fate

    by KBS Author

    Miray could not fight. Nor could she run, but boy, could she bake a mean blueberry pie. She knew how to concoct a wicked good drink, and she had the f...

    bakery, Fantasy, Action, Romance

  • The Baker and the Blogger

    by Zoe Blessing

    When a food blogger receives an angry email from a baker, she can't help visiting the bakery to find out who this disgruntled person is. What she does...

    bakery, GL

  • Ivory Flower

    by Starze

    Lazuli Snowtwill follows her normal routine: heading to the Ivory Flour for breakfast. But now, her life has turned.

    bakery, Fantasy