• Black Keys

    by deeyosa

    BL-Omegaverse. In a world where your second gender plays a big role, Akiko Suzahara tries to fulfill his dreams without his gender dictating things fo...

    band, BL

  • One More Night With You

    by breeonne

    Rei, a vocalist and guitarist for a punk band named "Lost Cause." falls in love with a boy band member named Marcello. After Marcello leaves Rei in a ...

    band, BL

  • Leftovers

    by Dawgofdawgness

    A jazz musician with a dream to make it big finds out that she's not that great. (Don't forget to play the music if you're on desktop! :D)

    band, Slice of life

  • The Revolution of the Moon and Sun

    by SpigaRose

    Selene wants to become a famous singer, Ravi wants to settle her feelings, Carmen wants to find her place in the world...

    band, Romance, GL

  • Rum & done

    by Mag Navarra

    Seemingly random guys form a music band, united by Love, Rock, and Rum. Because they can't perform without a drink on their way to the glory or self-a...

    band, Romance, BL, Slice of life

  • Frantic Live

    by mue

    Overwhelmed by their success, Michael "Mitch" Rust decides to take his rock band Frantic from the US to his second home, Germany. But the band that us...

    band, Romance, Drama, LGBTQ+

  • TRASH CANON - The Tour Diary

    by KFComics

    TRASH CANON - The Tour Diary - is a comic series about the four members of the boy group "Trash Canon" – Alek, Levi, Shae and Calyan – and their strug...

    band, Comedy

  • the Runaway Roadsters

    by taz27

    The Runaway Roadsters are an Australian bubble gum punk band who live and breathe music. Tunny, Jimmy and Danny make up a trio and with their own uni...

    band, BL, Drama, LGBTQ+

  • Devil Like Me

    by AshenAGrey

    For 10 years, Jarrett thought the boy he almost loved was dead. He's not. But he's also not the same person anymore. And Jarrett's worried he was neve...

    band, BL

  • Please Join My Band

    by some gay wizard

    a coming of age story focused around queer teens Ariel and Julian trying to start a band (even if they aren't very good) and all the other things that...

    band, Romance, LGBTQ+, Slice of life

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