• A Bear, An Otter & A Queen

    by Marty Basto

    It's a BL story based on Real Life....by also poking fun at some stereotypes because everyone is unique in their own special way! Written By Marty ...

    bear, BL

  • Nicky

    by LaweyD

    (on HIATUS) An office worker hurries home to watch his favourite tv-show.

    bear, Action

  • Get Your Man

    by Kami Dog

    Get Your Man is a comic about a Mountie and his Scottish doctor (boy)friend! These characters exist in several Alternate Universes. Every univer...

    bear, Romance


    by BeaR

    "In Security" is a daily-newspaper-format comic strip centering around newlyweds Sam & Sedine and their crazy day to day life.

    bear, Comedy

  • Frostblight Saga

    by Doig & Swift

    Dark Winter Myth created for Advent 2013

    bear, Fantasy


    by anthonyandres81

    Mirai Samekuma, leader of mankind's last hope against the undead, has been bitten by a shark, a bear, and a zombie and become the horrifying combinati...

    bear, Action

  • Cryptid Hunter

    by CrunChester

    Meet Oscar, a middle aged man who has an unusual job that involves dealing with monsters.

    bear, Action, LGBTQ+, Mystery

  • Big Bear and Pink Bunny

    by Art Box

    Roki, a pink-haired girl who likes cute and fuffy things finally goes up to the 2nd grade in high school and hopes to get a friend who meets her expec...

    bear, Romance

  • Spark: Book 1

    by FlyByThunder

    After a mysterious disease mutated or killed most of the human population, a group of survivors struggle to come to terms with their new found abiliti...

    bear, Action

  • Sheep's Clothing

    by Owlsy

    Bijou has her life turned upside down when she is caught trespassing on Big Bad's property by the frightening master of Thornbrook Howl Manor himself....

    bear, Drama

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