• Because of our Wings (incomplete)

    by Aphrodite

    Buck has a bad attitude and quick tongue. Charlie was straight until he wasn't. Somehow, thes two are gonna try make it work. This is a comic about...

    black_and_white, BL

  • Devils Coven

    by katloid

    Devils are a scarce, forgotten race. Those who believe in their existence think of them as abominations capable of doing nothing but harm, others beli...

    black_and_white, Horror, Drama, LGBTQ+

  • Curse of the Eel

    by jorgesantiagojr

    Connie is an introverted goth girl who gets bullied in school. One day she accidentally summons a Cthulhu-like Eel creature to earth and her life chan...

    black_and_white, Horror, Mystery, Slice of life

  • Centralia 2050

    by Michelle

    Midori wakes up lost amidst the hi-tech metropolis of Centralia. Without memories, her only connection to this place is a mysterious girl from her dre...

    black_and_white, Mystery

  • Time Fiddler

    by Ellis Kim

    A modern day romance between young women, intertwined with time, space, and family. Sam Fiddler finds herself falling for her mentor, a mysterious and...

    black_and_white, Romance, GL, Science fiction

  • My New Friend is a Cat

    by BlackRose108

    The story of two boys. France, who mysteriously wears a cat mask, and Ken who befriends him despite that. But, as their bond ties them closer together...

    black_and_white, Drama

  • Daybreak

    by Megan Uosiu

    [Comic status: a one-shot, finished.] As the night falls over the city, a young boy gets kidnapped by ravens to a strange kingdom. Lost and scared ...

    black_and_white, Fantasy

  • 7 Heirs

    by G.Yuki x Betofu

    1 throne, 7 Heirs. The time to name a true successor has come. And when the Empress speaks, everyone is shocked by her decree...

    black_and_white, Fantasy

  • Geister

    by Stephan Lorse

    In a reality where humanity is forced indoors by a mysterious illness, something else is returning to the world. „Geister“ (German for: „Ghosts“),...

    black_and_white, Mystery

  • Solspis

    by Liann

    Klein is a young, carefree Demon Prince with a fascination for human stuff like video games and movies. I mean, who can resist? This boy gets his wish...

    black_and_white, Fantasy

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