• The Search for Henry Jekyll

    by MidoriLied

    The streets of 1891, London are plagued by an unidentified serial killer. While searching for an answer, Inspector Utterson fears all clues point to h...

    bloody, Horror, LGBTQ+, Mystery

  • Warlord [Enhanced Edition]

    by Thien Uncage

    The final enhanced edition of Warlord comic, which is my assignment for school. And yes, my real name is Nguyen Quoc Thien :)

    bloody, Drama

  • Angels Don't Live Long

    by Sketchylinez

    Angels Don't Live Long is a slice-of-life inspired heavy and emotional short story. Where it takes you through a journey, full of uncertainty, failure...

    bloody, Drama

  • The Aneursym Effect

    by PyroToaster

    The Aneurysm Effect is a chaotic, dark, fast paced, action-comedy. It all takes place in the most violent city in the world; “Sunnyvile” This place is...

    bloody, Action

  • Yandere Dead

    by Shinta-sm

    What if..... Was Yandere Simulator in a Zombie apocalypse? All characters are from The game Yandere simulator Belong to Yandere Dev! Links to Yan dev ...

    bloody, Horror

  • Censor Team Two

    by KT and TK

    One is a legendary hero, the other is sex crazed. They're space bounty hunters, and now they have to save the solar system.

    bloody, Science fiction

  • Nukageddon

    by Justieno

    A post-apocalyptic web comic about an alien war and the soldiers struggling to survive the impeding extinction of humanity, It's supposed to funny, I ...

    bloody, Comedy


    by foulbone

    Molly is a 17 year old girl who lives with her stepfather. She has been adopted many times, and has gone through absolute hell to find a good home. He...

    bloody, Horror

  • Dead Eyes

    by PyroToaster

    "Dead Eyes Syndrome" is a disease that can happen in random people where their humanity an conscience seem to become non existent and as a side effect...

    bloody, Action

  • SENSE saga

    by ratoKacomic

    SENSE saga - After the events of "Katana sense" takes place the great adventure of "Havoc sense".

    bloody, Action

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