• me and it.

    by max y.

    Meg goes on a date, while dealing with a horror she sees in the mirror

    body_horror, Drama

  • Black Bile

    by Ari S. Mulch

    Black Bile is a comic about a young woman plagued with a mysterious illness; she can’t stop vomiting up small black orbs. The illness suddenly takes o...

    body_horror, Horror, Drama

  • The Devil's Favourites

    by Herzspalter

    After a horrible experience, an exorcist from the Vatican finds himself stuck in a hopeless pit – and the most promising hand reaching out to him belo...

    body_horror, Horror, Action, LGBTQ+

  • The Wakeupcall

    by HPLehkonen

    The Wakeupcall is a comic made in 2008. On my Patreon I promised to translate this old comic if we reach the first goal. The goal was met in under 2 w...

    body_horror, Horror

  • Guts and Gore

    by Nate

    [HIATUS]Kids with abnormal bodies, they leak blood sometimes too and they like the pain. What can I say?

    body_horror, Slice of life

  • Speak of the Dead

    by Karnessa

    Speak of the Dead is a horror comics about dead people, centipedes, loneliness and toxic relationships. Content warnings: Gore, death, insects, bul...

    body_horror, Romance, Horror, Drama

  • Suffocation of Celestials

    by Shivecu

    Somewhere deep in the plains is a land where gods gift great powers to the people they see as worthy. Eventually, the corrupt government decided to ta...

    body_horror, Horror, Mystery, Fantasy

  • The Life of a Creep

    by PowFlip

    Two years ago her boyfriend disappeared - now he's returned with a monstrous insect body and a mystery. Will love prevail over absurdity? Or will the ...

    body_horror, Comedy

  • We Were Perfect

    by Alex Taki

    Thirteen years ago Margot and her friends underwent plastic surgery in order to become pop singers. Today Margot lives as a lounge singer and still...

    body_horror, Horror

  • Tales from the Brink

    by M. G. Roach

    Depressed, forced to live as a girl, and plagued by parasitic insects, Em tries to cut his life short on his 18th birthday. But when he's intercepted ...

    body_horror, Comedy

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