• Our Red December

    by Mason Ash

    Mario Rossi and Kenny Valentine are transfer students, both awkwardly joining a public school just a few short weeks before winter-break. Kenny fits r...

    boy, LGBTQ+

  • A Bear, An Otter & A Queen

    by Marty Basto

    It's a BL story based on Real Life....by also poking fun at some stereotypes because everyone is unique in their own special way! Written By Marty ...

    boy, BL

  • One More Night With You

    by breeonne

    Rei, a vocalist and guitarist for a punk band named "Lost Cause." falls in love with a boy band member named Marcello. After Marcello leaves Rei in a ...

    boy, BL

  • KISL discontinued

    by Plamondon

    ~this series has been discontinued~ BUT FEAR NOT! A better reboot is in progress. Please subscribe to Kiara in Shoujo Land for more. What happe...

    boy, Comedy

  • Arbor

    by Miyuli

    An unusual burden.

    boy, Fantasy

  • Never follow the wispfinch!

    by kimketli

    Killing people for his government is like a bad drug for Eric. It's slowly killing him, but it also makes him feel alive. Though what will happen when...

    boy, Fantasy

  • Forbidden Sake

    by Marty Basto

    Fate is sometime cruel and unforgiving but it is seldom wrong. Add some forbidden love in the mix and you have a story called LIFE.

    boy, Romance

  • Platonic boy (English)

    by Kodyz

    Teo allways had problems with his feelings, now in a new school he finally have tha chance to live in peace. But the meeting with a handsome boy make ...

    boy, BL

  • The Other Half

    by bumblevip

    GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY that's it that's the description hfhfjdj jk This is a story about Lucas and Ethan, two boys, who'll have to go on adventure...

    boy, Romance

  • More Cat Boy & Cutie!

    by Rueleer

    Derping grounds for my main series, With Cat Boy & Cutie~ Dump for random finshed art, random unfinished art, memes, shitposts and such and what-no...

    boy, Comedy

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