• Our Red December

    by Mason Ash

    Mario Rossi and Kenny Valentine are transfer students, both awkwardly joining a public school just a few short weeks before winter-break. Kenny fits r...

    boyfriends, LGBTQ+

  • Typically Hazardous December

    by Mason Ash

    A comedic slice of life about an Idol and his music producer. The characters from Our Red December featured in random humorous and dirty strips. Treat...

    boyfriends, LGBTQ+

  • My uncommon boyfriend

    by Aishishi

    Boyslove/Fantasy/Comedy/Slice of Life/ ♂ x ♂ ♥ Fluff Art and Comic-Strip collection following the everyday life of a college Student named Chester...

    boyfriends, BL, Comedy, Fantasy

  • The Roundtable Rebirth Series

    by Mek_14

    [Book 1] - How to Tame a Demon All 15-year-old Hunter wanted was a friend, so when his parents and a few other members of his coven come over to hi...

    boyfriends, BL, LGBTQ+, Romance

  • My Kiwi Crush

    by Professor Bees

    Calvin is the new kid who moved to New Zealand from America. He’s an art student and getting over a bad break up. Thomas is the local bike gang leader...

    boyfriends, Romance, LGBTQ+, Mystery

  • the neighbor

    by ricyanart

    "A story about two neighbors who hate each other but end up sharing a crush on their new neighbor who ... also likes them both?"

    boyfriends, BL, LGBTQ+, Slice of life


    by STARSYS

    Short, queer fan comics about those pretty lookin' NYC street punks from Banana Fish. All characters belong to Akimi Yoshida, we're just messing wi...

    boyfriends, BL

  • Best Friends

    by Ghost

    This book is about to best friends, and that's all I'm gonna say. Hope you enjoy it, I will update it every Sunday and Wednesday. on hiatus

    boyfriends, BL

  • My Reaper Boyfriend

    by TwilightPrince

    *Updates every Tuesday starting May 18th!*

    boyfriends, Horror, BL, LGBTQ+

  • The Borrowed Faces

    by ag-meade

    Asher and Grayson are two (mostly willing) participants on 'The Borrowed Faces', a survival game show in which the stakes are real. Will treasure, dea...

    boyfriends, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

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