• Dragoness

    by Zor

    For many, the world is black and white. But what happens when you start to spot the greys? Hunter's job should be to protect the public from fairytal...

    boyxgirl, Fantasy, Romance

  • Arsenic

    by kitkat

    "I swallowed and felt my tongue scrape against the roof of my mouth like sandpaper. The first thought that occurred to me was that I needed to find a ...

    boyxgirl, Romance

  • The Mark of a Familiar

    by D. A. Ashiuchi

    Lian has been thrice Marked from birth. Once by Gaia who gifted him with her power, Once by his mother in an attempted to hide him from the eyes of th...

    boyxgirl, Fantasy

  • Tavern Tales

    by TL Shay

    Short stories about the people in the Gamers and Magic series. Ever wonder about how Tempest and Benton met? Why does Poe always talk in pigeon Shak...

    boyxgirl, Slice of life

  • Stillwaters (BEING REWRITTEN)

    by A R Y D - 7

    Beneath their scarlet-lipped lies and glares built from ice, past their money-chained wrists and diamond-studded necks, the socialite elite, the stars...

    boyxgirl, BL, Mystery, Drama

  • Out of Order

    by Spicy Peanut

    What does it really mean to inherit a fortune? Can one really bear the burden of their ancestors when faced with the cruel reality of how they came to...

    boyxgirl, Romance, Comedy, Fantasy

  • Fallen For The Mafia Prince

    by L.L. Lily

    A girl. A student president. A teacher. A big secret. "If you snitch, I tell"

    boyxgirl, Romance

  • Censored.

    by ChoMisaki

    One gay boy and normal girl have the adventure of your life when they will to be fathers. Un chico gay y una chia normal tendrán la aventura de sus v...

    boyxgirl, Comedy

  • Don't feed the monster

    by NoFace

    Oliver Kaminski is working as a surgeon when is old friend Lars called him to take a look at his girlfriend. Oliver noticed that the girl has serious...

    boyxgirl, Romance, Drama, Slice of life

  • Blunderful Youth

    by Krispy

    A young boy and girl cross paths on a bus one morning. How will their future unfold?

    boyxgirl, Romance

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