• bullying

    by schirliane

    Na visão de um garotinho e contada a historia da sua vida. Acabando de se mudar, tendo que encontrar novos amigos, tendo que acostumar com a nova esc...


  • Harcèlement

    by Rikku_The Little Fox

    Étant petite j'ai subit beaucoup de harcèlement scolaire, aujourd'hui j'ai décidé de vous raconter mon histoire.

    bullying, Slice of life

  • High School Sucks

    by Vinnie

    Diego Marques é o novo aluno do Colégio Independência. Não demora muito para ele descobrir que sua nova escola é dominado por Babacas! Qual será a e...

    bullying, Comedy

  • Off Pitch: High School Edition

    by Aegis

    This is a prequel to Off Pitch! This story was made for my Gender, Sexuality, and the Law class 3 years ago. This story is about how LGBTQ kids get...

    bullying, LGBTQ+

  • The Adventures of Squish

    by Shamima

    The Adventures of Squish :D (This was made like 3 years ago in about 10 minutes. Just uploading for fun lol)

    bullying, Slice of life

  • Brandy

    by Alex

    **BASED OFF OF A TRUE STORY** Brandy Vela is bullied. Cyber bullied. For no reason at all.

    bullying, Slice of life

  • some not seen.

    by Jacquie

    The wounds we receive, the bruises we feel, the cuts and burns... some are easily seen. Others are visible to only those who happen to look closely. ...

    bullying, Slice of life

  • The Shadow

    by Wolfy

    Its about a girl named Nyx who meets a shadow who turns her into a killer.

    bullying, Horror

  • Dansabulle ENGLISH

    by LonaresGhost

    This is the story of Adrien, a college student who is entering seventh grade. He's always struggled to fit in, but this year he's going to do give it ...

    bullying, Drama, Slice of life

  • you big bully

    by mellybanzai

    a nice girl gets labelled as a bully and that is not okay is labelling a bully a bully bullying? are labels all bad? why is armpit hair so s...

    bullying, Romance

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