• A Bullying Story

    by autumngreen40

    When Autumn Green was a good and kind but what happened to her old friends who used her in years ago and now they are ghosts with black heart and cha...


  • Caroline's Diary Book 1

    by jlopes5000

    The first chapter in the adventure that began with a 14-year old girl's first diary, and ended with a collection of her rich life's story being gifted...

    bullying, Fantasy

  • Why Do People Hurt Other People? [BL]

    by Yuu

    Is it a sin to love? That's what the main characters want to know. Three people are outcasted by their classmates because they were gay and lesbian...

    bullying, BL, Comedy, Drama

  • Love, Meadow

    by Eccedevist

    Trapped. That's how Meadow feels. With both her parents dead since she was a child, and left in the unstable clutches of her abusive uncle, she ...

    bullying, Romance

  • Bullied

    by Sydney

    A snarky commentary following the life of a little girl who has been bullied. There is a "surprise" twist.

    bullying, Slice of life

  • Online Stalker

    by bigTractorBIG

    Kiyel Russel, an Emo online stalker, with a traumatic past, who has a crush on the school player, David Johnes. Will his online stalking be found ...

    bullying, BL

  • The Girl in the Water Bubble

    by Rica Sensei

    "She's certainly to blame", they said. "It's totally her fault". "But it wasn't me", over and over she said. "It was never me".

    bullyingawareness, Mystery

  • My Darkest Thoughts

    by Alisa

    It's 3 am and your laying in bed, awake. Your depression has been getting the best of you these past few days. Dark thoughts are filling your mind. Su...

    bullying, Non-fiction, Drama, Slice of life

  • Alex's bisexual chronicles

    by Aymatame

    Kissing the girl you've been in love for years should not be so problematic. Except when you are a woman, when everyone begins to assume your sexual...

    bullying, Comedy

  • Paper hearts

    by redpandaflouf

    Eva is a girl Eva is not a normal girl She sees what you cannot She sees what you should not Eva is tired Eva is scared Eva will not speak.

    bullying, Drama

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