• a refreshing summer

    by hakei

    Summer is so hot and suffocating, and Dasol wants to find something to cool her down... and something, to help her breathe again. [COMPLETED]

    butch, Romance, GL, Comedy

  • The Shepherd's Sword

    by Ren Strapp

    SHORT SUMMARY: A butch4butch werewolf rivals-to-lovers lesbian slow burn romance in fantasy Appalachia. (AKA mountain women and the secrets they keep...

    butch, GL, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • The Sunless Children

    by Lorsenal

    It contains lesbians and they are butch. they aint yaoi bois The Damastesien army, enslaving and pillaging, sweeps the continent in search of thei...

    butch, Fantasy

  • CBA....

    by GalaxyGoblin

    Can't be arsed... A slice of life story about a 20 something-year-old called Xander. Queer, trans/ nonbinary, people and pointless drama

    butch, LGBTQ+

  • Flames of a reverie

    by Enthriex

    The Rowdyruff boys lives are interrupted as HIM decides to show what an 'evil father' really is. Will they be able to live on while being haunted by t...

    butch, Drama, Science fiction

  • Chewtoy

    by Thoroughly Perplexed

    WARNING: This story is NOT as cute as the cover! Be prepared for something HOT ;) “Well, well, well… What have we got here?” smirked the redhead in a...

    butch, GL

  • Keep Me Company

    by kwiatkowski

    Sonny's comedy career is in free-fall, and only Rochester knows the cure for what ails her. Incidentally, the cure is also dinner, hygiene, nicotine, ...

    butch, GL, LGBTQ+, Slice of life

  • Pink Sugar

    by DulceSkull

    Blake is a demon who is perfectly content with running the most popular nightclub in the halfway realm of Limbo. Satya is a charming go-getter who wan...

    butch, Romance, GL, Fantasy

  • AwkwardTomboy

    by awkward-tomboy

    Adventures of tiny tomboy crippled with social anxiety. Updated weekly.

    butch, Comedy

  • Romeo//Romeo

    by LemonLiu

    Jay Kang is a small town mechanic who can’t seem to catch a break. Julieta Sanchez is a convenience store clerk by day and a singer by night who write...

    butch, Romance, GL, LGBTQ+

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