• Caged

    by ok.its.mellowship

    Mason is kidnapped by a demon like creature building a circus of souls. He is forced to play a game through his childhood memories. Will Mason win the...


  • Caged Freedom

    by Muto Katsuhiro

    A short story I did for a contest about a caged bird that craves freedom.

    caged, Drama

  • Caged Bird

    by xpetalx

    An angel is something that cannot belong to anyone. If the angel begins to consider someone precious to them, it's as if you are saying that the world...

    Romance, BL, Fantasy

  • Caged Birds

    by DammiDuck

    These teenagers didn't ask to be made into super-powered criminals but they were and now many of them are fed up with the cards they were dealt. Who i...


  • Time's Out

    by Caged_TV

    5 More days before the art folio exam submission end, The panic, the tension, the chaotic classroom. A story of my last week on doing the final exam a...

    Slice of life

  • Call of the Caged Bird

    by Emily Rebecca

    Things were not supposed to turn out this way. She was supposed to live a normal live. She was supposed to go to graduate high school and get a goo...