• Caged

    by CjTrys

    ENDED!!!!!!!! No one likes to be caged. I don't know what's up.


  • Caged Bird

    by Altila

    Nero, the vice-president of the art club who looked like a delinquent. Xavier, the vice president of the art club who was the most popular guy at the ...

    Romance, Drama, Slice of life

  • A Caged Bird

    by Wren

    A prophecy was told about a parakeet girl born with a star in her eye. This star would give her the power to see the future. The greedy monarchs wante...

    GL, Fantasy, Romance

  • The Caged Bird

    by monkeysanddonkeys

    A tragic story of a young man named Joseph and how his life was shaken by a peculiar man he met (WARNING-THIS STORY IS FOR MATURE AUDIENCES) IT C...

    BL, Mystery, Horror

  • The Caged Sparrow

    by Bry

    El and Chris are two college students. they have been childhood friends for a long time. their relationship is starting to take off but what happens w...