by Ericherii

    A filthy weeb and his daily laifu ( •̀ᄇ• ́)ﻭ✧ This comic is cancer. But i mean, if you're into cringey content, then enjoy !

    cancer, Comedy

  • Oneironauts

    by Sara H. Randt

    What would you do if tomorrow was your last day? Would you run to conquer the world? Or maybe... would you sit down and watch the world continue w...

    cancer, Drama

  • How I died

    by N0C0

    Congratulations, you've just stumbled upon pure cancer... Demian Vapelord has only 1 month to find the cause of his death. If he succeeds, he will be ...

    cancer, Mystery

  • Treeo

    by ERSIE

    The daily life (doodles) and adventures of three friends!

    cancer, Slice of life

  • Regarding Dandelions

    by Kari McElroy

    A 30-something coming-of-age story, Regarding Dandelions follows Jake Stanton and Ellie Martin through present day narration and first person flashbac...

    cancer, Drama

  • Peremen

    by Zaznayka

    This comic is a series of vignettes about Dima (33M bi), who works full time at the charity that helps people with HIV in Saint-Petersburg, and the pe...

    cancer, LGBTQ+

  • When I Wake Up

    by klei

    Kim Joon-Hwa was cryogenically frozen until there's a cure for cancer. 90 years later, Joon-Hwa was brought back alive and free from his curse wi...

    cancer, Romance

  • Death, Acceptance and Everything Inbetween

    by Edan and Budige

    Life has never come easy for Robert, and it gets even harder with his diagnosis. What happens when a cat reaches the end of his nine lives? Find out i...

    cancer, Drama

  • Skipping Stones

    by Z. L. Grimm

    Jameson wasn't sure what compelled him to observe the stranger skipping stones alone at the lake, nor what drove him to approach him. After all, J...

    cancer, Slice of life

  • Thirteen Maidens

    by Navi.HoG

    A comic series about horoscopes, musings and observations, through the personifications of thirteen girls.

    cancer, Comedy

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