by Marika

    My Everyday Life A comic series of all kinds of things.

    characters, Slice of life

  • Dead Tone

    by c.meld

    The world has been cracked open, and civilization is paying the price for being built on its blood. When Hadrian sets his sights on the monster that ...

    characters, Action, Fantasy, Science fiction

  • Tapactivities!

    by Felipe Choque

    HOW TO: This is a really good way for comic creators to go in depth about our characters; and also we get to promote our comics AND share some love...

    characters, Slice of life

  • Artist's Confessions

    by MylCreates

    Myl's personal scrapbook comic of an artist and her confessions when it comes to being an artsy person, as well as some random doodles. It serves as a...

    characters, Slice of life

  • Artwork for my Novels

    by Aphrodite

    If you're reading any of my novels here on tapas, this is the place I'll be dumping all that stuff. Enjoy!

    characters, LGBTQ+

  • Daemons Venatus

    by 4U Comics

    Five young adults are pulled into an alternate reality and are forced to survive amongst its gruelling environment. 4UComics takes you into the world ...

    characters, Fantasy

  • The Art of Monsters

    by Jabbage

    Can monsters be artists? And if they can, should they? A fantasy story set in a world rather like Tang dynasty China, about a travelling sculptor, a r...

    characters, Fantasy

  • Originally Unoriginal

    by Katarina Kirishiki

    [read from Right to Left] This is a short story collection featuring my Characters (OCs) in action. Feel free to take a look at them reacting and ...

    characters, Fantasy

  • DreamersEcho

    by JetFalco

    SUBSCRIBE to be the first to read new pages!!! The power of Dreams built the planet of Mondrea, but all that remains of that power is a whisper. Foll...

    characters, Fantasy

  • make me

    by artistic queer

    planchette in need of a phone walks into a bar to borrow a phone there little did she know who she would meet inside... henlo, this is my graph...

    characters, Romance

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