• Chibi Reiko

    by mmidori31

    Mostly just a random 4-panel comics of relatable things in life. Chibi Reiko portrays fangirl things, awkward moments, artist's frustrations, daily st...

    chibi, Comedy

  • The Little Things

    by deslim

    The little things of my life that I would like to share.

    chibi, Slice of life


    by Karla Diaz

    https://www.facebook.com/karladiaz.artwork/ The seven deadly sins are here on earth to make you sin! But... will they be able to handle us?

    chibi, Comedy

  • Melodies of the Heart

    by FTBComics

    "Everything happens for a reason, right?" Rhi Grey is a grumpy and reckless young man, He's quick to ignite in anger and sharp with his words. The ...

    chibi, Romance, Drama, Comedy

  • The Order

    by NitroxArts

    An everyday life of an Imperial Guards couple.

    chibi, Fantasy

  • 404 Life Not Found

    by fottantuno

    A life comic where the reality of a situation mixes with the fantasy of an insane mind. Sometimes bunnies and homo stuff. Updated every now and the...

    chibi, Slice of life

  • No Smoking (BL)

    by Beeleafnsea

    Read from right to left. Comments appreciated!!! Soon after joining an extremist anti-tobacco group, Dr. Cy Maxwell is sent on a mission to take d...

    chibi, Romance

  • His Boyfriend Doesn't Speak

    by 777

    https://www.patreon.com/oenaijonetsu 【BL, yaoi one-shots】Life with an introverted boyfriend.

    chibi, Romance

  • HeartSlayers

    by Oroken

    Historical BL. Devon was seven years old at the time his town was burned to ashes and his family slaughtered by the king. After that, he became a pers...

    chibi, Drama

  • Pink and Blue

    by Yulius Efferven

    Follow (mostly) Pink and (also) Blue as they scale the walls of logic in their misadventure to survive in the Big City, to find a place where their he...

    chibi, Romance

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