• Ghost Lights

    by fantakoi

    (a slow burn love story / LGBT+ / supernatural) when Noah's dreams begin to overlap with reality he doesn't know what to think anymore. but then he an...

    childhood_friends, Romance, LGBTQ+, Mystery

  • Which One?

    by Claradeso

    (Read from right to left!) A boy and a girl compete for the love of their bisexual love interest. Which one will he choose, I wonder? Or is there s...

    childhood_friends, Romance

  • Clearheart

    by kikowei

    The life of two kids at their school in the forest.

    childhood_friends, Fantasy

  • Honey Lavender: GirlxGirl Enemies-to-Lovers

    by Minty Dreams

    A decaying friendship burned away by bitterness, these childhood friends turned to enemies after a turbulent falling-out. Three years later, the girls...

    childhood_friends, Romance

  • Deltrame

    by axefieldthewallflowr

    Jasper and Reuben have been friends for as long as they can both remember and even though life took them on separate journeys, they still maintained a...

    childhood_friends, Romance

  • To Keep A Promise

    by Diandra

    They are two childhood friends bound by a forgotten promise. Are they ready to go against the world to fulfill it? This comic is on Webtoons as wel...

    childhood_friends, BL, Fantasy

  • Time's Up!

    by NillsP

    Her childhood friend is going to get married! Is it too late for her to notice her feelings for him?

    childhood_friends, Romance

  • L and R

    by NillsP

    Lori is in love with cup noodles and art. Rye loves management, cooking, and Lori. Want to see what happens when childhood romance, food and a cute ca...

    childhood_friends, Romance, Slice of life, Comedy

  • Sparkling Life

    by Rainycherry

    Yoru Yamamoto the cute-looking bad boy who secretly loves sweet get scolded by the teacher, not wanting to be punished he ran away and hid in a occupi...

    childhood_friends, BL

  • Encore!

    by theonlycaliroll

    Two childhood best friends who had a falling out in middle school, are brought back together in their senior year of high school.

    childhood_friends, Romance, LGBTQ+, Slice of life

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