• I Hate Love Songs

    by jjd-96

    Jesse doesn't believe in true love or the lyrics of love songs. Eve, the cute girl at the local coffee shop, becomes determined to find a love song Je...

    coffee_shop, Romance

  • Bloody Knuckles

    by Ry.

    Stockholm syndrome noun. feelings of trust or affection felt in many cases of kidnapping or hostage-taking by a victim toward a captor. ---------...

    coffee_shop_au, BL

  • Tobi and Andrew

    by 247drprincess

    A cliche coffee shop/college story about two lovely boys Tobi and Andrew. With your slightly bad boy jock type Tobi, and your Studies Hard Gamer Nerd ...

    coffee_shop, BL

  • The Sun Lantern

    by Kelly Rose

    In which magic is a part of every day life, a loss is considered, and a takeaway tea changes it all.

    coffee_shop, Slice of life

  • That Coffee Shop in The Corner.

    by Mavos

    "That Coffee Shop in The Corner." is the story of a nameless man that stumbles upon a small coffee shop tucked away in the olden parts of a city. Thro...

    coffee_shop, Slice of life

  • Emotiv

    by rialrees

    New Adult | Dystopia | Speculative | Slipstream | Science Fiction Story Synopsis: Kyla is coming into her own, finally breaking into the Worker Cla...

    coffee_shop, Science fiction, Romance, Mystery

  • Lighthouse Café

    by Ana O.

    "It all began a million worlds ago at a town square." A slice of life series about the goings on at a popular cafe called Lighthouse, its employees...

    coffee_shop, Slice of life

  • Cracked Kettle

    by Kinley Jones

    Since the voices told me more people will probably read this if I add an actual description, I'm adding an actual description. Kristopher has just sta...

    coffee_shop, Slice of life

  • The Immortal

    by belongtotherain

    Kaleb wakes up from yet another set of heart wrenching dreams of his lover. His lover whom he only ever gets to spend so much time with. See, theirs i...

    coffee_shop, BL