• Melodies of the Heart

    by FTBComics

    "Everything happens for a reason, right?" Rhi Grey is a grumpy and reckless young man, He's quick to ignite in anger and sharp with his words. The ...

    colour, Romance, Drama, Comedy

  • Someday

    by Alamino

    Grey, a young man who is tired of life, meets Mel a man whose outlook on life is upbeat. As hard as he tries, Grey can't help but be drawn to Mel's sm...

    colour, Romance, BL, Drama

  • Gone and Forgotten

    by DizzyAlyx

    When you look like a monster, people only need one excuse to treat you like one. The story of a very unfortunate man and how he was forgotten by eve...

    colour, Fantasy

  • White Noise

    by airsetronaut

    Story about the lives of four individuals.

    colour, Romance

  • coLouR*

    by motli

    *coLouR: International organizations divided by the supernatural and natural throw the world into disarray while...颜色? لون? àwọ? Can you understand me...

    colour, Action, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • Croma [BL]

    by Buritsu

    A BL drama story that unfolds in a world of magic and mystery. Croma is an organisation focused on magical research, and we follow the members of ...

    colour, BL

  • TAG

    by Fiver

    After inadvertently becoming ensnared in the phenomenon known as The Authority Game, Micki Morris has just one month to fight her way to the top and k...

    colour, Action

  • Real Dreams

    by dropthedrawings

    https://www.patreon.com/simonfletcher Life was pretty normal for Viccas, Suzy and Jake. Until the dreams started... Welcome to the place where th...

    colour, Fantasy

  • Tales of Pylea

    by Humbug

    Tales of Pylea; an epic fantasy legend of immortality, ambition and boundless lechery.

    colour, Comedy

  • D-one

    by Cloudy-0w0

    "Nations rise, nations fall... The pendulum swings... Only devastation and ruin will remain. In this dire hour of despair, with hope ye shall look to ...

    colour, Fantasy

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