• by my side

    by Liam Swanton

    Comedy and LGBTQ+ lovestory between two teenage girls. ---------- Clairise is MOSTLY an extraordinarily average teenager - apart from the green,...

    coming, GL

  • Sprout

    by Daymel Garcia

    Sprout! Its an epic filled with adventure, magic and a protagonist! It updates on sunday here on tapastic and on mondays at my personal website that's...

    coming, Fantasy

  • Defiance (Discontinued)

    by Graphic Dreamer

    (I recommend you read this series on the computer where you'll be able to listen to the background music provided for a better experience!) (Comic...

    coming, Fantasy

  • What Did We Do

    by D. Quinn Harris

    John was sent to his grandmother's for the summer, and meets harvasha; who takes him on a fun summer adventure. until things go south. leaving home, a...

    coming, Drama