• Jamie

    by Bre Indigo , Tami

    [ Coming of Age | LGBTQ+ | Young Adult ] At his aunt’s wedding, Jamie, a young hopeless romantic, bumps into Aiden, a socially inept pretty boy, wh...

    coming_of_age, Drama, LGBTQ+, Slice of life

  • Autophobia

    by G.H.S.T

    (Autophobia: the fear of being alone) Louis Beau is a perfectionist and anxiety-ridden eleventh-grader attending Roseborough High. He lives with his ...

    coming_of_age, Romance

  • Flourishing Flower

    by RoseNose

    Reading ---> right to left Translated from German into English After school Milo and his sister Hanna walk past a flower shop. They meet Ben, who ...

    coming_of_age, Romance, BL, Slice of life

  • KAI

    by queenue

    NEW JERSEY, 1986 - Seventeen-year-old Kai is grappling with the aftermath of losing their parents as they move in with their high strung aunt in North...

    coming_of_age, Drama, LGBTQ+, Comedy

  • Boys like boys

    by Witch Planet

    Boys like Boys is a coming of age story between Adam Benevetti (aka Greco) and David Young. When Adam is outed without his consent the bullying begin...

    coming_of_age, BL

  • Something Like Summer

    by Jay Bell

    The hot Texas nights were lonely for Ben before his heart began beating to the rhythm of two words; Tim Wyman. By all appearances, Tim had the perfect...

    coming_of_age, BL, LGBTQ+, Slice of life

  • Summoner

    by TeamSummoner

    After a heated argument with her family, eighteen-year-old Kokona runs away from home and is magically transported to another world. Dragons, elves, a...

    coming_of_age, Action, Drama, Comedy, Fantasy

  • The Victorious

    by mithril

    James falls for a guy. Then another! He's torn between sweet Oliver and tragic Victor. He can't pick between them, but maybe he doesn't have to. Hi...

    coming_of_age, BL, LGBTQ+, Romance

  • Graduation

    by Erena

    Read right to left!! One day as Shun prepares for university, he meets his old friend Yuusuke from middle school.

    coming_of_age, Drama

  • Remembering Gale

    by Pushcart

    READ LEFT TO RIGHT www.patreon.com/pushcart Remembering Gale is a slice of Life Romance-Drama (LGBTQ) following the lives of some highschoolers...

    coming_of_age, Romance, Drama, LGBTQ+

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