• One More Night With You

    by breeonne

    Rei, a vocalist and guitarist for a punk band named "Lost Cause." falls in love with a boy band member named Marcello. After Marcello leaves Rei in a ...

    company, BL

  • Scissors

    by Kittick

    Plagued by the horrors of retail, follow Josie and her coworkers as they try to survive this hostile work environment.

    company, Slice of life, Comedy

  • The 07 Dep

    by Alpas

    When everything goes down the drain, you might as well lose everything and start again. Or you know, you can just go to another reality all togethe...

    company, Comedy

  • Madame Dragyn's Potion Co.

    by Kris Dragyn

    On Matlock Street sits a small shoppe named Madame Dragyn's Potion Co. It's owned by a local witch, loved by a small community in the big city of Stra...

    company, Fantasy

  • Trade Secrets

    by J. Matthews

    Jeff is a young professional, just starting his career as a digital artist. These stories are all based on true events.

    company, Slice of life

  • Remastered

    by HollowEve

    No one sets out to find love, it just happens. All Ryan wanted was a quiet life with a secure future. All Holland wanted was to look forward and fo...

    company, Romance

  • Strange Attraction

    by BrainScam

    Olivia Adams; a talented architect who never misses work, but always finds a way to make it thrilling, a needy woman without being so wanting, living ...

    company, Romance

  • Orc's Company

    by orcscompany

    The cliché fight of good and evil is at it again! Though they've been dormant for quite some time. In the absence of the eternal struggle a world of m...

    company, Drama, Comedy, Fantasy

  • Shipping Inc.Co

    by BabyCornPotato

    Have you ever wanted fanart or a comic of your favorite ship? Do you have an Idea/prompt that you want to see drawn? Well, Shipping Inc.Co is the plac...

    company, Romance

  • StartUp FartUp

    by Monster Genome

    These are the antics of a start-up company run by people who don't actually know how a start-up company is supposed to work. They have a building and ...

    company, Comedy

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