• A Mirror's Tale

    by Kikiine

    Ayyyyy, 'sup everybody. I'm the narrator of this here story, alright? The name's Lee. First of all, don't judge, my handwriting is shit. Second, this ...

    cooking, Drama

  • With Great Abandon

    by Xier

    Harry is a gay trans man, Russell is gay cis man, and With Great Abandon is a queer romance set over the course of a year in London. It's the story of...

    cooking, Romance

  • Mui's Diary

    by マギー ♡

    Muimui is an otaku who loves to eat. She shares her daily life stories and easy recipes!

    cooking, Slice of life

  • Ristorante Galattica

    by ReggieVeggie

    When a top restaurant on Earth is abducted by aliens and is forced to serve food to their absurdly new, albeit picky, clients, will they survive? Or m...

    cooking, Science fiction

  • Chef Julien

    by Malacandrax

    -Oneshot- Julien, a privileged young adult, makes a valiant attempt to cook for the people he cares about. Check the link for my gumroad, where yo...

    cooking, Slice of life

  • Pop karts!

    by Cannonbot

    Food trucks, comics, and cooking! All the best things in one place!

    cooking, Slice of life

  • CakeWalk

    by TsukiiP (Kay)

    Hello Hello Hello! I SPELLED OMELETTE WRONG! So I am back and ready to start with a new comic ALL ABOUT COOKING! I thought it would be a fun w...

    cooking, Slice of life

  • The Crown Prince

    by Drifterdraws

    Despite the strict social stigmas that prevent royalty and commoners from fraternizing, a crown prince and a kitchen servant's lives become intertwine...

    cooking, LGBTQ+

  • Cooked to Purfection

    by dinmoney

    Dinner will be ready this Sunday evening, don't be late! And be sure to subscribe so we know how much to food to make ^^

    cooking, Comedy

  • May I Have Your Order?

    by danthevampire

    Alejandro, a part-time waiter at the well known restaurant Angelica's Gifts, is just your average high school graduate trying to save up for culinary ...

    cooking, Slice of life

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