• AX

    by Snesh!

    AX introduces a new world in an unknown place in the Galaxy where everything is yet to discover. Are you ready to meet those new characters, their pas...

    crash, Science fiction

  • Lost Flight 1313

    by F.S. Arbolaez

    Survivors of a plane crash are stranded on an island infested with mutants. (A story from the 'Age of the Atroximals' universe.)

    crash, Science fiction

  • He Will Wipe Every Tear From Their Eyes

    by Gena

    I made this story as a reminder to how we can take others for granted. The "Finest Smile" occurs when the character(s) finally realize how much they l...

    crash, Slice of life

  • thisthat

    by chris

    this is this. that is that. mixing is impossible in this world. it can only make change. but, they'll active it all. **Two of the upcoming characte...

    crash, Slice of life

  • PAUL

    by FoxTrout

    From the wreck emerges a survivor. Paul is lost and alone, just trying to find a way back home. -- This comic contains blood.

    crash, Fantasy

  • Crash crab

    by wilsonnera

    Um mundo de criaturas poderosas que trans formão seus corpos em couraças! armaduras de forma animalesca , couro pele dura, osso armaduras que não s...

    crash, Action