• Stupid Story BL

    by Levelanix

    Yanik is a shy boy. At his new school he wants to get a new identity. But the first day starts with a disaster. The popular and handsome student Alan...

    crazy, BL

  • [Psycho Babble]

    by Beetle Milk

    A story about a group of animals trying to find their place in a bigoted world while one of their own attempts to escape a curse put on him by a ruthl...

    crazy, Fantasy

  • Fufunholand

    by Fufunha

    Inktober book: https://gum.co/ujuuB Em português aqui: https://tapastic.com/series/Fufunholandia I'm brazilian artist and I create random comic...

    crazy, Slice of life

  • Graveyard Academy

    by Merryweather

    (REUPLOAD) A psychedelic, artistic, psycho-pop adventure following the strange Sylvester Strangelove through the great Graveyard Academy, a purgatory ...

    crazy, Fantasy

  • Captured

    by Hami

    Read from RIGHT to LEFT. Veran runs away from home to escape his fate of becoming a tribute to the gods. However, wherever he goes, he is hated by...

    crazy, BL

  • Statistical Fact

    by Eric E

    Dumb comics for smart people.

    crazy, Comedy

  • Drakenbun

    by Neophobica

    The adventures of Rufus the Drakenbun. A demonic bunny that is lured into our dimension with the smell of carrot cake. His new "owner" is not just a l...

    crazy, Comedy, Fantasy

  • The Aneursym Effect

    by PyroToaster

    The Aneurysm Effect is a chaotic, dark, fast paced, action-comedy. It all takes place in the most violent city in the world; “Sunnyvile” This place is...

    crazy, Action

  • Fufunholândia

    by Fufunha

    In english here: https://tapastic.com/series/Fufunha Eu crio tirinhas aleatórias sobre o meudia a dia hehehe Espero que todos gostem :D Atualizaçõ...

    crazy, Slice of life

  • Menagerie

    by Emevsa

    Marie Chasez is thrown into a wild situation when she becomes the unwitting friend of a jungle of shape-shifting patrons from the mysterious club, "Me...

    crazy, Drama

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