• Ghost Lights

    by fantakoi

    (a slow burn love story / LGBT+ / supernatural) when Noah's dreams begin to overlap with reality he doesn't know what to think anymore. but then he an...

    creatures, Romance, LGBTQ+, Mystery

  • EXtinction

    by Taikgwendo

    Remember Magic existed There was a time where mythical creatures walked on this earth. Seeing the human heart being corrupted, they stopped helpi...

    creatures, Action, Drama, Fantasy


    by Rigrug

    Reading sequence > right to left https://www.facebook.com/therianthropecomic This is a Fantasy, action, romance story In a world where unrest is ram...

    creatures, Fantasy

  • Vertigo's Fun Land

    by mutatedeye

    What happens when your entire reality twists around you and you come to realize that there is much more to your exsistence? Explore the Void throu...

    creatures, Horror, Action, Mystery

  • Oops Comic Adventure

    by Potoo Gryphon

    [Updates every Wednesday] Oops is an orphan street rat who discovers he has magical abilities in a city where magic is band. With the help of his f...

    creatures, Fantasy

  • Afterlife

    by apandaarts

    Demons, monsters, and magic is the normal for Oliver, but what will happen when he discovers a new creature?

    creatures, Comedy, Fantasy

  • Katharsis

    by Belle

    A newly graduated veterinarian will take care of a tiger hybrid that doesn’t trust humans.

    creatures, Romance, BL, Drama

  • All Are Not Hunters

    by Panimated

    "All are not hunters" is a comic set in the fictional land of Nivaeica - in the late pleistocene. Predators have learned to co-operate to create an el...

    creatures, Mystery

  • Falling

    by Ammy

    Updates weekly on weekends! (usually!) An outsider crashes their plane in Witch Country; a land notorious for its magic, that's been isolated from ...

    creatures, Fantasy

  • Mythical Adventures

    by Clair C

    An adventure of some description... with creatures of sorts.

    creatures, Fantasy

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