• My Fair Footman

    by Lee Jaa , ggory

    All’s fair in love and war… If you are who you say you are. Meet Avery, the Earl of Baenbowie’s footman. By day, he attends to the household, running ...

    crossdressing, Romance, Fantasy

  • Stupid Story BL

    by Levelanix

    Yanik is a shy boy. At his new school he wants to get a new identity. But the first day starts with a disaster. The popular and handsome student Alan...

    crossdressing, BL

  • Yaoi Princess

    by SpaceMonolith

    You're a good, respectable student, in love with a cute girl but due to some atrocities you have to crossdress and work for a magazine.... What do you...

    crossdressing, BL

  • Noblex

    by saience

    Kyung is a prince in disguise. Azael is a servant with a secret.

    crossdressing, Drama

  • I'm Not Your Princess!!

    by SilveryRam

    Tenshion Maravilla wants just one thing—to radiate machismo energy in college, and to become the Crystal Knight to a magical guardian “Princess Candid...

    crossdressing, Romance, BL, Fantasy

  • Second Imagination

    by HRKLS

    Warning: Contain's bl, crossdressing, emotional stress (ie. depression, anxiety and etc.), and tragedy(?) Also read right to left. (if you don't ...

    crossdressing, Drama

  • Beneath the Camphor Tree

    by funkyfeetart

    An exceptionally skilled martial artist and swordswoman, Eun-ah is a woman who disguises herself as a man in order to earn a living as hired protectio...

    crossdressing, Romance, Action, Drama

  • BLACK Cranes (BL) ColorVers.

    by Miya SeParade

    (Color/Webtoons Version) Warning: This manga is not a happy fluff romance boyslove. It contains drama and characters who make mistakes, many mistakes...

    crossdressing, BL

  • The Bet

    by Dolly Grand

    The rich kid with a perfect life is challenged to make the bad boy with a bad temper fall in love with him - and things get messy when he starts to en...

    crossdressing, BL, LGBTQ+, Romance

  • Housewife for the Holidays

    by Wonder.

    Harper is broke and out of options. He applies for an all expenses paid gig to be a temporary housewife for the mysterious Mr. Delano. What will their...

    crossdressing, Romance, BL, LGBTQ+

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